Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 16-09-2013
ONO is planning to compete with Movistar in the last area in which Telefónica was the lone player in Spain's TV market: TV everywhere.
The cable company may launch its multiplatform service, based on TiVo, in a few weeks according to the website Neeo.
ONO has recently been surveying its customers about different proposals for the TV everywhere service, including the channels' packages, advanced functions and even approximate prices. The cable company has not confirmed the details, but the TiVo-like platform will have a selection of ONO's regular channels – such as Fox, TNT, Disney Channel and Discovery – a DVR service, a video-on-demand (VOD) option and the possibility to connect up to eight devices in the extended version.
The prices aren't yet set either, but in the customer survey, a price was put forward of between €10 and €15, depending on the service subscribed to, over the regular platform rate. If this price is confirmed, it will be far more Movistar Go, which is still in free beta version, as it will have a final price of only €2.5 over the Movistar TV rates.