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Thread: [Question]How to install CCcam Info on Dream Elite 4

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    [Question]How to install CCcam Info on Dream Elite 4

    Hi, i have a Dreambox 800 Pvr with Dream Elite 4,

    I canīt install Cccam Info. I have try with the files in Dextra and with lots of otherīs but none works...

    Someone with this image can help me?


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    Re: [Question]How to install CCcam Info on Dream Elite 4

    i use a dreambox 800hd se, vu solo and a zgemma h2h and what i did was put the file, enigma2-plugin-extensions-cccaminfo_svn2940-r2_mipsel.ipk in usr/lib/enigma2/python/plugins/extensions and that puts the cccam info into the box, it works for me in the boxes mentioned

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