Jane Wolfe | 16-09-2013
Owing to new platforms, children have never watched as much TV as they have this year, according to the new Kids TV Report by Eurodata TV Worldwide.
Over the first semester of 2013, children’s TV consumption in Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK) reached two hours and 14 minutes per day on average, an increase of five minutes a day over the past five years.
Animation still represent more than 60% of the titles appearing in the national top 20 rankings. Meanwhile, live action series consolidated their popularity and non-fiction dominated the ranking in the UK.
The proportion of factual and entertainment kids’ shows present in the top rankings was up on average compared to last semester. The UK stands out in terms of non-fiction kids’ programming, with titles such as Officially Amazing, Marrying Mum and Dad and Disaster Chefs (all CBBC).
However, the arrival of Web players seeking new audiences also signals fresh opportunities for traditional broadcasters and producers who have to offer their programming across different screens and platforms.

Netflix has signed a deal with Dreamworks, while Amazon has established a partnership with Nickelodeon.