Editor | 17-09-2013
Furthering its ambitions in multiscreen IP video, RGB Networks is teaming with Dolby Laboratories to improve the end-user quality of experience of service providers' multiscreen TV everywhere offerings.
The latest version of RGB's TransAct Packager now supports the Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus codecs, packaging them for the most commonly used adaptive bitrate (ABR) formats. A key component of ABR-based delivery systems, RGB's TransAct Packager bundles H.264 streams for the delivery of high quality programming to tablets, smartphones, PCs, smart TVs and other connected devices.
RGB believes that as ABR-based multiscreen services are now more mainstream, the focus has moved from simple delivery to ensuring a high quality experience on par with the premium services consumers expect from their cable, telco or satellite provider.
The company adds that this principle applies to large and small-screen devices alike, with the audio experience becoming a critical complement to the video. Specifically, it says that two major factors are driving this push for better sound: small-screen devices' capability to deliver enhanced sound quality; and the fact that consumers with large-screen, HDTVs connected to home theatre systems are increasingly using these to view ABR-based TV everywhere offerings.
To address this convergence, RGB asserts that video service providers must deliver the same high quality viewing and listening experience on subscribers' home theatres as well as their mobile devices. "While viewing on small-screen devices is certainly growing rapidly, consumers are by no means abandoning their living room TVs and expensive home theatres which provide a premium video experience," commented Simone Sassoli, vice president, marketing and business development for RGB Networks. "By partnering with audio leader Dolby ... we are helping video service providers deliver the best audio and video experience across all screens."
"Consumers value high quality audio and have come to expect that they will get the same cinema-inspired experience on their second screens that they get in their living room," added JC Morizur, senior director of professional solutions and products for Dolby Laboratories. "Dolby is excited that RGB Networks is incorporating Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus into their TransAct Packager to help VSPs deliver the best quality of experience to the growing number of entertainment devices."