Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 17-09-2013
Media analysts in Peru are reporting a clear increase in social TV activities in the country, with this tendency growing along with Twitter penetration, which has reached 1.5 million users in 2013.
According to a report by ConcorTV – Peru's TV council – the capital's inhabitants watch TV for three hours and 15 minutes daily and spend two hours 45 minutes on the Internet. However, over 54% of media users still don't expend a single minute looking at Web content.
"Twitter's immediacy and the mobile platforms make it possible to use the Internet while watching TV," said Fernando García, online communication director at analyst firm Llorent & Cuenca. "Viewers are using Twitter to comment on the news, a tendency that has been observed in many countries, but is new in Peru." García added that the social behaviour hasn't been noticed on Facebook because, according to him, "it's a social network for family use".
While in many American countries over 50% of viewers actively use the social networks while watching TV, in Peru a big portion of the 1.5 million Twitter users are doing it in a more passive way. According to Llorent & Cuenca's forecast, the microblogging platform still has space to grow in Peru and will change the way of watching TV.