Rebecca Hawkes | 17-09-2013
One Connxt has successfully delivered over 500 hours of content for Arab Radio and Television (ART) during Ramadan, the video transport provider announced at IBC.
ART's television programming originated at the MISC Media Centre in Cairo and was then delivered via IP to media centres in the Jordanian capital Amman and Italy.
"We used One Connxt as the main method to send material to broadcast centres in Italy and in Jordan from Cairo during our busiest time in Ramadan. The system performed well and we depended on it to move hundreds of hours during the holy month," said Wagdy El Shenawy, CEO, MISC Media Centre in Cairo.
"This is one of the best technical investments we made at MISC. With a very small investment, we managed to cover the cost and get into profits within the first few months of operating the system," he added.
Part of the One Media Corporation, One Connxt provides an end-to-end high definition or standard definition video content distribution service using proprietary IP solutions. The company says "significant savings" can be made using IP delivery, either point to point or point to multipoint, when compared to satellite or fibre transmission.