Capacity on two satellites operated by Eutelsat Communications (Euronext Paris: ETL) has been selected by Media Broadcast, a leading service provider in the broadcasting and media industry, to provide immediate television coverage of the German federal elections on 22 September.

The EUTELSAT 3D and EUTELSAT 16A satellites will be used by Media Broadcast over the weekend of 21 to 22 September to transmit live coverage from major sites across Germany including voting booths, the headquarters of the country's political parties and the Bundestag in Berlin. Over 200 hours of capacity has so far been booked, equivalent to 250 MHz of bandwidth on the two satellites.

Eutelsat’s satellites are a key broadcasting resource for broadcasters and video service providers, ensuring coverage of sporting, political, cultural and breaking news events. Eutelsat's Booking Centre coordinates allocation of occasional-use satellite capacity on a round the clock basis from minimum periods of 15 minutes.