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    Satellite Dish Cabling

    Hi from a Newbie.

    I have satellite TV services from 2 different suppliers so I have 2 dishes, one connected to an STB (set top box) in the lounge and the other connected to an STB in the master bedroom.

    I would like to have both suppliers STB's connected to the lounge TV only but there isn't enough space in the wall conduit for an additional coax cable to feed the second STB.

    Is it possible to use a 3 way connector at the dish end and a 3 way connector at the STB end and run both services over the same coax between the dishes and the STB's.

    I am told the LNB's are powered and transmitting only when the STB;s are powered up so if I only have 1 STB powered at a time will this work.

    I hope this makes sense. I have attached a quick schematic of how I envisage the 2 services being connected. Any advice will be gratefully accepted.

    Thanks. Chriss
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