Michelle Clancy | 18-09-2013
EchoStar Technologies is working on an Android-based set-top box that will include MobiTV's digital rights management (DRM) agent and the Marvell-powered media player. For operators, the ecosystem is pre-integrated and pre-certified, thus reducing time to market.
"The lightweight Android set-top box will be crucial to the next evolution of true TV everywhere in and out of the home," said Charlie Nooney, CEO at MobiTV. "Our efforts with Marvell and EchoStar enable delivery of secure, premium content via the latest Android set-top boxes. By providing a comprehensive, integrated set-top box solution, we are helping cable, satellite and broadband providers decrease their time-to-market and capitalise on emerging multiscreen revenue opportunities."
Located within Marvell's dedicated ARM TrustZone, the DRM agent provides lower-level encryption for protection of premium content.
"By integrating MobiTV's DRM solution on a deeper layer, we're able to provide our customers superior security assurance, while also delivering an optimal digital viewing experience with minimal upfront costs," said Mark Jackson, president of EchoStar. "We foresee many opportunities in the future to further integrate our technologies to deliver innovative, engaging applications and services to customers to help them unlock the true potential of multiscreen digital entertainment inside the home."