Michelle Clancy | 18-09-2013
IBT Media has launched CruxialCIO, an online news channel that will advise business and technology leaders on how to respond to critical events, via original video reporting, case studies and ROI calculators from Nucleus Research, white papers from the Technology Evaluation Centre and a variety of interactive services and features.
"We won't report news, per se. We'll report on news that matters and how to deal with it,'' said editor-in-chief Tom Steinert-Threlkeld. "Most news organisations report the five 'Ws': who, what, where, when and why. CruxialCIO is adding a sixth: what to do about it."
CruxialCIO has two signature features: The Crux of the Matter and Cruxial News. The Crux of the Matter is a daily three-part report that digs in to a particular challenge or problem facing organisations of all types. The three back-to-back-to-back segments cover situation, which is the facts and context of a challenge or problem facing an organisation; solutions, a bulleted rundown of answers to the problem; and takeaways, important points to think about when you get into dealing with the challenge. The show also features XLinks, a set of pointers to reference materials to get further understanding of the situation, solutions or technologies involved
Cruxial News will share the same ethos as The Crux of the Matter, but each report will deliver a pull-out called What to Do, which instructs business and technology leaders.
"The chief information officer is becoming an increasingly valued role within business,'' said Johnathan Davis, co-founder and chief content officer of IBT Media. "We see how the role has evolved and have found a way to deliver ongoing professional education in the guise of compelling journalism. We see a great opportunity to educate all top business and technology executives about how to use information systems to achieve corporate goals."