Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 18-09-2013
Chile's telecoms market is clearly on the increase, according to the latest Subtel report which points to a gradual growth of pay-TV, up 36.7% since 2009, and an explosion in Internet connections driven by mobile technology.
Pay-TV penetration keeps growing, with 13.4% of Chileans already connected to a cable, IPTV or direct-to -home service. 2.34 million homes are paying for TV, and 53.1% of these have a cable platform. However, the growth is mostly driven by the DTH satellite platforms, which are expected to reach 50% of subscriptions during next year.
Regarding companies' market share, VTR is still on top with 41.2% of the audience, followed by Movistar (19.5%) and Claro (18.1%).
Viewers' preference for wireless technologies can be seen through the rapid increase in Internet connections. In a country, indeed a region, with geographical difficulties when it comes to establishing physical networks, satellite and mobile technologies are playing a really important role in the growth of the telecoms market.
Over 44% of Chileans have access to the Internet, according to Subtel. And mobile connections have grown 770% since 2009, reaching in Q2 figures of 5.5 million users, double those with fixed connections. Smartphones represent 81% of the current mobile Internet traffic in Chile.