Jörn Krieger | 18-09-2013
German public broadcaster ZDF will join its fellow pubcaster ARD and commence the transition of its channels' terrestrial distribution to the new standard DVB-T2 in 2017.
The whole ZDF digital package will then be available via DTT, mirroring cable and satellite. Currently, for example, KI.KA and ZDFneo have to share a DVB-T channel slot for capacity reasons.
"We firmly believe in DTT," ZDF's general director Thomas Bellut said. "This distribution method provides a consumer-friendly and free-of-charge alternative for TV content also on portable and mobile devices. It's important to maintain this unique feature and further strengthen it through the transition. The system change will also lead to a considerable increase in quality."
ZDF stresses that the channels are distributed via DTT free of charge for users and independent of the interests of third parties. According to the media authorities' latest digitalisation report, 11% of TV households in Germany receive DTT with the share rising to over 20% in urban areas.
According to ZDF, TV reception will remain free of charge for viewers following the transition to DVB-T2. However, they will need to purchase new reception devices as the DVB-T boxes and tuners currently in use are not suitable for DVB-T2.
The move follows
ARD's earlier announcement.