September 19, 2013 14.28 Europe/London By Julian Clover, CTAM EuroSumimit 13, Barcelona

The digital economy is sustaining the economic growth in the UK and cable is playing a fundamental role in bringing on the future, says Claire Enders.
The founder of Enders Analysis told the CTAM EuroSummit in Barcelona that the UK has an extraordinary share of the creative economy. “It’s the model of growth in the digital economy that will give people a greater educational role, so it’s not a luxury to have cable,” she said. “The UK has become a mass market for every piece of technology, which is a ubiquitous phenomenon, not restricted to a certain age group.”
Enders argued that the growth of the large screen TV and film quality TV had driven families back to the main screen and away from the PC that would now never become the dominant force that was predicted ten years ago.
Looking at demographic trends that are seeing children remain in the family home for longer, Enders observed: “The young are spending more time getting out of the home and when they do so they will come back to watching television.”