Joseph O'Halloran | 20-09-2013
Singapore’s leading pay-TV operator StarHub has made a successful raid on pirates raiding a storage facility of illegal set-top boxes and uncovering hundreds of illegal devices.
Explaining the rationale for its action, the operator said that it had been tracking a syndicate that was distributing sales flyers for the sale of illegal set-top boxes that claim to be able to unscramble its premium content. After months of investigation, the importer of these boxes was identified and raid was carried out by police. StarHub added that it will follow up with criminal prosecution against the illegal importer.
“StarHub takes a very serious view of content piracy and the sale of illegal boxes. As these illegal boxes are not made available through StarHub, consumers who purchase these decoders are doing so at their own risk. We strongly encourage consumers not to purchase these illegal set-top boxes. We will continue to employ both legal and technological means to safeguard our content,” said Ms Jeannie Ong, Chief Marketing Officer, StarHub
Complementing the legal action, StarHub has been deploying technological means to prevent illegal boxes from accessing StarHub’s content. It is currently engaged in migrating pay-TV customers to a new encryption standard that cannot be unscrambled by existing illegal boxes.