Zodiak Active CEO to step down

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly | 20-09-2013

Zodiak Active CEO Marco Ferrari is set to step down at the end of this year and Nicola Drago will be appointed as his successor.

Ferrari is looking forward to new entrepreneurial challenges and getting back into the start-up world.

This departure from the global digital arm of Zodiak Media follows a planned succession strategy that will see Drago, current SVP strategy and new business for the company take over as CEO from January 2014.

Ferrari founded the company, then Neo Network, 14 years ago and it went on to become one of the most innovative digital companies in Italy.

Neo Network was acquired by De Agostini in 2007 and then evolved into the global digital and branded arm of Zodiak, with Ferrari firstly appointed chief digital officer of Zodiak Entertainment in 2010 and then, following the 2011 merger of RDF Contact and Neo Network into Zodiak Active, took up his current role of chairman and CEO of Zodiak Active.

" In the last couple of years Zodiak Active has embarked on an exciting new strategy, focused into native, scalable, digital businesses such as programmatic advertising and online video complementing our traditional branded content and production activities and we are thrilled with the results, with more than 10 million revenues generated this year from businesses which did not even exist in Zodiak 18 months ago," Ferrari commented.