HD+ launches app with live TV

Jörn Krieger | 20-09-2013

HD+, the HDTV platform for German satellite households on Astra (19.2° East), has introduced an app for mobile devices. The special feature is that in addition to an extensive programme guide for Germany's 100 most popular TV channels, the application takes all TV channels available unencrypted on Astra as live streams onto smartphones and tablets free of charge.

For the live TV function, a satellite receiver compliant with the SAT>IP system is required. The box transforms the satellite signals into IP streams and distributes them through the Wi-Fi home network within the household to mobile devices on which the HD+ app is installed. This functions with all free-to-air TV channels broadcasting in standard definition on Astra. The advantage is that as the data traffic is not sent through the mobile network, no data volume of the mobile tariff is used up for live TV on the iPad, iPhone and other devices.

The programme guide offers several interactive functions, for example browsing through the TV schedules based on personal preferences, recommendations for TV programmes fitting the viewer's current mood and a search agent which automatically informs the user about programmes with the desired keywords.

The whole offering is free of charge and suitable for smartphones and tablets with iOS and Android operating systems. The app can be downloaded in Apple's App Store and in the Google Play Store.