September 20, 2013 19.15 Europe/London By Robert Briel

Selling your product in a more creative way was the central theme in the marketing session, which provided insight in a number of innovative campaigns.
Turner Broadcastibg Systems tackled the problem of not being able to buy spots on other channels by organising the CN Academy in ten countries, whereby young football enthousiast could win workshop[s with a famous footballer.
Matthias Heinze, VP, commercial, marketing and PR, TBS, aid that the result was more than 1,000 videos uploaded by aspiring young football talent and over 1 million video views. Other Turner successes were the TNT viral campaign and the Lazy Town initiative, all about healthy eating and moving for young kids.
In Denmark, YouSee created a live event, called YouSee Live 13, where the operator invited 10,000 of its customers, who were treated to a day long show and an expo with dozens of stands.
Ziggo’s Nico Rijfjhoff told the audience that “brands need to get more sexyness and need to market beyond the tv screen. We want our customers to be more emotional than functional.”
Connecting the Ziggo brand with entertainment resulted an alignment with Live Nation in which one of the biggest concert halls in The Netherlands was branded as the Ziggo dome
With 500,000 Led lights on the outside walls the dome shows outside what is inside – and can also project messages to passers by,
Antonio Valor, CMO, ONO, turned a press conference into an event by lifting fifteen journalists with a balloon sky high.