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Thread: My GeoSat Pro MicroHD - FTA Receiver, anyone knows??

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    My GeoSat Pro MicroHD - FTA Receiver, anyone knows??

    Hi Folks,

    I hope I'm in the right place "Encryption and Decryption" Discussion.

    Does any of you are similar with GeoSat Pro Micro HD - FTA receiver???
    It's a stand alone FTA receiver that ONLY shows TRUE-FTA DVB-S2 channels.
    And NOT support interent connection to open or unscramble DVB-S2 channels.

    Can it be done???

    I thought it can be done. Here's how I found out....

    FIRST OF, the FTA satellite receiver I'm using is GeoSat Micro HD.
    GOT IT????

    The name of their software for editing or altering satellite channels is
    "ALI Editor GeoSat Pro Micro HD".
    GOT IT????

    In order to edit the satellite channel by using the ALI Editor, is you
    have to "import" an .udf file. "userdb.udf" file. GOT IT????

    Once you import that userdb.udf file, you're able to load the list of
    satellites and then it will show the list of satellite channels that you've
    scanned onto your receiver.

    What I did was I was able to download the userdb.udf onto a USB stick drive.
    Then I am able to take that USB stick drive to the computer laptop. From there
    I was able to import it by using the ALI Editor to load the userdb.udf file.
    It allows me to view the list of satellite channels and able to edit then.

    Here's the fun part that I was hoping for. When you see the list of satellite channels,
    from satellites, you scroll over to the right and notice at the top, there's a tab that
    says "SCRAMBLED". GOT IT?????

    Okay, once you see that, you look down and see some "YES" and "NO" on
    satellite channels. And the most exciting part for me and maybe for you, too
    is when you click on the individual channel, it brings up an options.
    Like for "SCRAMBLE" it give you choices, "YES" or "NO".

    GOT IT??? : - )))) YOU THINK IT WOULD WORK, HUH???

    So, I did all that by clicking "NO" on all the C-band satellite channels
    that said "YES" for scrambled. GOT IT????

    So, after I did all that, I "SAVED" the changes on that same file, "userdb.udf".
    Usually you're suppose to EXPORT it as ".udf" file. But that stupid ALI Editor
    prefer to export as in .udd, instead. Anyway, I just SAVED as the same file
    that I downloaded from the receiver.

    OKAY, so I SAVED the changes of the userdb.udf file onto the USB stick drive,
    took it back to the FTA receiver, the "Micro HD". And once I re-boot it, and
    FOR. The answer to that is NOPE!!! No changes since after all I did those changes
    on the SCRAMBLE option from "YES" to "NO".

    The "NO" option means you want it to be unscramble, and NOT to be scramble.
    GOT IT????

    So, since nothing help. I thought that maybe you could help, IF I give you
    the ALI Editor and the userdb.udf file for you to analyze it????

    The other possibility is, you might be wondering does the GeoSat Micro HD
    receiver has a firmware. The answer to that is YES, it does has the firmware.

    The name of the firmware is "Allcode.abs" This is the firmware for the
    GeoSat Micro HD - FTA receiver.

    Remember with this receiver, it has NO internet support. JUST stand alone SOLO.

    And this is the part I was hoping for when I discovered the scramble option on the list
    of satellite channels, is to be unscramble - solo.

    So, there you go, do you understand my situation???

    Would you be willing to analyze the firmware of GeoSat Pro MicroHD receiver??
    And to alter it that would unscramble DVB-S2 channels???
    The firmware is a .abs file. You would have some kind of software tool that
    would recognize the abs file.

    I'm attaching the firmware for the GeoSat Pro for you to download it and to
    whatever you could make it work.

    IF you want a .udf file with list of satelllites and satellite channels, I can send
    you that one. They have to be listeed once you use blind scan and it would record
    it onto a .udf file, as well. IF you just get a .udf file from GeoSat site, the list of satellites
    would NOT have list of satellite channels, becaue you have NOT blind scan it.

    You can also PM me, IF you want with details information from your experience with the firmware
    that I attached.

    Hope my inquiry helps for answers.

    Thank you,
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