Parent Category: NEWZ | 22-09-2013
NanoTech has hosted the first of several live-streaming events as part of this year's 36th Annual Mill Valley Film Festival (MVFF), an an on-stage interview and Q&A session with members of Metallica.
The stream surrounded US public premiere of the motion picture Metallica Through the Never. The NanoFlix Network provided the stream to televisions, phones, tablets and computers.
The movie premiere is a 3D experience highlighting live performance footage of Metallica's most memorable songs, combined with a narrative story featuring imagery drawn from the band's musical portraiture.
Moderated by Mark Fishkin, the California Film Institute executive director and MVFF founder, more than 330 attendees joined the celebrity Q&A program in-person as another 14,000 were captured by the online interviews through NanoTech's hi-definition live feed.
NanoTech is the exclusive live-streaming partner of the MVFF this year and it will be providing more live-streaming events during the festival, taking place the 3-13 October.
"Metallica and NanoTech are both based in the Bay Area, a location that has been become known as home to some the most innovative minds on the planet,” said Jeffrey Foley, NanoTech CEO.Many of world's most influential technology and entertainment companies are born here. It was Metallica's decision to choose the Mill Valley Film Festival to showcase their film, with NanoTech, a start-up Bay Area company, providing the streaming coverage. That choice showcased the band's dedication to their own community and their support of local businesses."
For the past two years, NanoTech has been providing streaming content for both on-demand and live events in HD. This autumn, the company plans to expand its offerings to include 4K UltraHD streaming products, including the Nuvola NP-1 streaming media player and NanoFlix UHD service.