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Thread: My GeoSat Pro MicroHD Firmware - Part 2

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    Unhappy My GeoSat Pro MicroHD Firmware - Part 2

    Hi Folks,

    Im my first post regrding my GeosAT Pro Micro HD receiver, I stated tht I thought that I would be able to unscramble DVB-S2. Because in the firmware, once after I blind scan satellites, it records onto the firmware
    file. IF I just give you the firmware, it shows the list of satellites, but NOT have been scan to view
    the list of satellite channels.

    I'm sending you the attachment of the firmware from my GeoSat Pro MicroHD receiver.
    And ALI-Editor software toold to altert the firmware file. You would be able to viedw the list
    of satellite channels that I've alredy scanned.

    What I did ws to alter the option for "Scramble" It give you a choice to have a individual
    satellite channel tobe either "YES" or "NO".
    I chosen "NO" option for satellite channels to be unscramble.

    You think that this would work, right????


    Maybe it has someting to do with the ALI-Edtor softwre tool that doesn't
    SAVE the to be unscramble. Even thought you made the selection, by selecting
    "NO" to have the channel to be unscramble, that option will save, but NOT the
    action that take place . ?????

    So, I'm asking you what's wrong, here??? What did I really miss???
    And why the options for "Scrambling" make you think you can choose from
    "YES " to "NO" option, and think that actiojn would take effects?? But it didn't....

    The file attchment is about 6 MB in size. Which includes the fimrware as in .abs file.
    The ALI-Editor tool to install on your computer and to open the firmware file.

    The ALI-Edotor installation is find on Winsows XP Pro SP3.

    I do NOT know whether it would work on your system.

    Once you get the ALI-Edtor install, open the window by clicking on the ALI-Editor tool icon.
    Then over to the upper left hnd window, click on "FILE" and "open".
    To open the .abs file, my firmware, choose the type of file to open with.

    Type of file: "Open BIN file .abs"

    The pop up message will ask you

    "Default Data Base" or "User Data Base" options.
    In order to load the .abs file, I choose the "User Dat Bse" option. I think???
    And click "OK".

    Once that loaded, on the upper left hand cornner in window, click on
    "All Services" Then click on "Satellite information"

    This is where the list of satellites and it's satellite channels I blind scanned.
    And I tired to alter it to be decrypt. But again, No action take effects.
    There's NO KEY CODES in the firmwre, s fr I know of.

    Let me know what you analyze at your end.

    By the way, the following list of satellite channels, DVB-S2, MPEG2 and MPEG4
    are all on C-band with BIG DISH. Sorry, NO Echostar Ku band. JUST C-band digital
    channels. But you will see Ku band satellites listed, but I didn't scan them to record
    on the firmware.

    Good luck with my firmware.

    Hope my inquiry help for answers.

    Thank, again.
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