I have Golden interstar 9002 CI DVD with original software.this is a reciever with DVD player in one.
I was looking for a emu firmware for my reciever .
In the golden interstar web site just I find a original software (URT FILE) an downloader(WINUPLOAD).
On internet I find nothing on most upload center of forum sat.
Just in on of websit, I find , can use the firmware of STARSAT 190 to interstar 9002 ci
Now i need to make my reciever as STARSAT 190 and then upgrade my reciever as STARSAT 190
I think first I have to put boot of starsat 190 to my reciever and then original software to be get a reciever as STARSAT 190 and then upgrade with emufirmware .
If I am right Please tell me how and where I find(tools and boot and original software of starsat 190 .
Or my be you have more information about how can i have emu in my reciever.
I find other information also.about starsat 190 ,some one change the starsat190 to interstar but I dont'know ,how and which type of inststar .
if you know about it please give me more information
Best wish in 2007