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1- osdskins named(Confluence-X) NEW ONE2- Memory optimizer by ddv122 v2 update 3- SoftCas for Plugins to work in MDPlugins folder4- AudioRecording 4.0.25- VideoRecording 3.4 6-arabic language for DVBViewer 5.1.0 7- NWemu new version 1.0.9UPDATE 13/09/2013also update the NW_SIDS For NWemu 17/9/20138- Plugins for Cccam & Newcamserver A-ACamd B-Hadu9- DVBViewer filter (DVBsource) to version 3.7.1

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Plugins pack 1.0.3 DVBViewer by AHMAD.exe

Plugins pack 1.0.3 DVBViewer by AHMAD.exe

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Plugins pack 1.0.3 DVBViewer by AHM