Editor | 24-09-2013
Two of the leaders in the secure distribution of paid content, SMiT and Verimatrix, have entered into a partnership to best address multi-network, multiscreen digital TV services.
The collaboration will see SMiT integrating its Advanced Security CI+ 1.3 conditional access module (CAM) with the Verimatrix ViewRight client library so that end-users can watch encrypted TV programmes with no need for a smart card. The CAM, which consumers can purchase in Q4 2013, complies fully with the CI+ 1.3 standard to support interactive features such as hybrid video-on-demand (VOD), catch-up TV and parent control.
The CAM also delivers substantial business benefit, say the firms, pointing out that operators will be able to minimise their costs by skipping the CAM-smart card pairing process while ensuring a highly secure transmission.
”SMiT was the first to introduce the Verimatrix CAM to the market, and today, we are happy to be the first again to deploy the Verimatrix ViewRight client security technology in our CAM products,” said Stephen He, executive vice president, SMiT. ”The seamless cooperation guarantees SMiT’s highly secure product strategy for operators and compelling interactive experience for subscribers. I believe that this innovative and consumer-oriented product will be a great success in the market.”
“Cardless security solutions are gaining significant momentum in the market due to their flexibility and robust security techniques,” added Steve Oetegenn, chief sales and marketing officer, Verimatrix. “We are happy to extend our partnership with SMiT to continue to enable a new class of revenue security solutions.”