Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 24-09-2013
Prisa has confirmed that it's looking for a buyer for Canal+, its pay-TV platform. Juan Luis Cebrián, the company's president, explained that this has been on the cards since 2005, but the platform's latest financial problems have reactivated the debate in the Spanish media.
According to Europa Press, Cebrián also pointed out that Prisa's expansion throughout Latin America, where the company’s financial figures have seen growth this year, enables the group to have a future independent from Spain's economic situation. Around 80% of Prisa's education business and 60% of its radio business are currently being developed in Latin America, where the group hasn't yet launched any TV services.
Regarding Prisa's debt, Cebrián didn't want to give further details, although some Spanish newspapers have pointed to a solution of refinancing the whole debt.
The president of Prisa also had time to reflect on the telecoms market in Spain, especially TV, which has recently been hit by the EU ruling that DTT subsidies had to be paid back. Cebrián pointed to former Government’s habit of giving media licences to ‘friendly’ groups as one of the biggest reasons underlying the sector's structural problems.