Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 25-09-2013
Argentina's Telefé has increased its presence as a producer in the Latin American TV market by renewing its deal with Netflix and signing some new agreements to adapt and distribute its most successful shows.
Telefé's international division, headed by Claudio Ipolitti, said that 2013 has so far been a great year for the channel's expansion. The
year started with TV Azteca buying the rights for Graduados and El Hombre de tu Vida, in order to adapt and broadcast them in Mexico.

Graduados, co-produced with Underground and Endemol, was a success in Argentina with over 45% of the prime time audience share, and its rights were bought and adapted afterwards in Bolivia, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panamá,
Colombia and Chile.

HBO has decided to adapt El Hombre de tu Vida for the US market. The show was also broadcast in Chile in July and the rights have been purchased in Ecuador.

The comedy Los Roldán, co-produced with Ideas del Sur, is being also broadcast in several countries in the region. This year Chile's Mega is also adapting Todos Contra Juan Panamá and will broadcast La Pely, and in Brazil SBT is remaking Chiquititas.

Most of these productions in their original versions will be also available in Netflix in Latin America.