Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 25-09-2013
The TV advertising market in Spain has finally stablilised. August's figures and preliminary results from September, published by PR Noticias, show that the fall in investments have stopped and the market has found some stability.
It is probably too early to call it a recovery, but some reports and experts are already pointing to the end of 2013 as the time when the TV market will return to growth. In August, investments fell 3%, almost nothing to an industry used to seeing falls of over 10%. And in September, for the first time since the crisis hit the TV industry in Spain, the market has shown stability, with no growth or fall.
Some other signs this month pointed towards the same trend. Mediaset's La Voz sold out ad slots before the programme started and the interest of foreign TV companies to start working in the Spanish market, were, among other things, interpreted as signs of recovery.
The main reason is the return of the largest companies to the game. Banks, telcos and electronics manufacturers seem to be moving again, if slowly, and are looking for customers in the larger market. And TV is still the media that addresses