Rebecca Hawkes | 25-09-2013
Around two-thirds of free-to-air (FTA) satellite television channels in the Arab world have an online presence, according to new research.
Of the 658 fully operational FTA channels targeting the Middle East and North Africa via the Arabsat, Nilesat, Noorsat and Yahlive satellites, 68% (448) have an online presence, says Jordan-based Arab Advisors Group.
“The results show that a majority of the 448 channels that have online presence lean more towards an enhanced online presence. Furthermore, 21.7% of channels with an online presence generate online revenues from their supporting online presence, such as online advertisement, online shopping, etc,” said Hind Qweider, senior research analyst, Arab Advisors Group.
Those channels with corresponding portals portraying the channels’ services and content, and where the integration between the satellite channel and its online presence is strong, are considered to be offering an enhanced online presence by the researchers.
“Almost 42.7% of the satellite channels have online presence for promotional purposes only and do not aim at generating online revenues. 20.2% of the channels that have online revenue generating features have an enhanced online presence,” added Dalia Haddad, research analyst, Arab Advisors Group.
The researchers found that a number of satellite channels with a basic internet site, with relatively weak integration between its services and content, intend to enhance their online presence.