September 25, 2013 11.40 Europe/London By Julian Clover

Roku, the streaming media provider in which BSkyB has a minority stake, has launched a new range of players.
The new Roku 1, available in the United States, Canada, UK and Ireland, will support video up to 1080p. In addition to the Roku 2, the Roku 3 that was introduced in March, will now be available outside of the US. A new Roku LT is being introduced in the US alone.
“These new players bring useful improvements at existing prices – just in time for the holidays,” said Jim Funk, SVP of product management, Roku. “We’re giving customers more value for their money by adding a headphone jack for private listening and dual-band wireless to the Roku 2, and support for 1080p HD video to the Roku 1. We are excited to bring these and other great features to our new line-up which provides a better TV experience across every price point.”
US users of the Roku device have access to around 1,000 channels within the Roku Channel Store, while in the UK, Ireland and Canada, the figure is around 450.
Roku 2 features a remote with built-in headphone jack for private listening and dual- wireless for better Internet connectivity. Both are popular features that were previously available only with the Roku 3.
The Roku 3 itself adds Ethernet and USB ports and an enhanced remote with built-in headphone jack and motion-control for gaming.
UK and Ireland pricing for the Roku 3 is £99.99, while the Rolu 1 and Roku 2 retail at £59.99 and £79.99 respectively.