Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 26-09-2013
The Spanish public DTT channel for kids, Clan TV, has been developing a loyalty campaign during summer through its mobile app, Desafío Clan, designed by Hooptap.
The app targeted Clan TV's audience with a special game in July and August. According to the figures shown by Hooptap, over 200,000 kids have used the app and over 70,000 games have been played every day. The app also got to top of the App Store's ranking in the Kids and Education category.
Over three million connections during the two holiday months mean a constant communication channel between the signal and its audience. Clan TV's figures did not significantly change over the summer, which could mean that the channel succeeded in retaining its audience by using the mobile app.
Desafío Clan showed different challenges every day which starred various cartoons characters. As a regular mobile game, there were weekly rankings and achievements, giving players the chance of winning a big prize.
Hooptap concentrates mainly on games. By creating a personalised app, the company intends to improve the relationship between partners, consumers and advertisers in a gaming environment.