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Thread: Where to proper filter CAID's with CacheEX3

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    Where to proper filter CAID's with CacheEX3

    Could anybody explain to me what's the best location to filter CAID in combination with CacheEX3?

    Is it better to use the cwcycle_check_caid option in oscam.conf, oscam.user and/or oscam.server? Or is it better to use the caid option in oscam.user/oscam.server? Or maybe a combination of both?


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    Re: Where to proper filter CAID's with CacheEX3


    What i've read on the net is that if you put it in users (where you receive cache) the cachex protocol will negotiate the card id's that you have put there with your peer and you should only get the ones you have filled in.

    When you put card id's in the reader side (where you send cache) then only that cache will be send to the other client.

    the cwcycle_check i've disabled.
    if you want to enable it you need to upgrade to latest version >8923

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    Re: Where to proper filter CAID's with CacheEX3

    to filter caid's specifie wanted caid to exchange in cacheex_ecm_filter on the user config

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