September 27, 2013 05.36 Europe/London By Robert Briel

Rakuten-owned streaming TVplatform has launched its service in the UK to take on Netflkix, Blinck and Lovefilm.
The service has been available in the UK as a beta since last June with trial subscriptions costing just £2.99. It is available on iOS and Android mobile devices, Samsung smartTVs and Microsoft Xbox live.
The Wuaki Selection subscription offers a curated choice of programming and is priced at £4.99 a month as a launch promotion, providing unlimited access to the company’s selection of movies and TV series. New titles are added every week.
Deals are in place with major studios including 20th Century Fox, Paramount and Universal.
“Our unique hybrid model is what really sets us apart, along with the quality of the content we program every week in the Wuaki “Selection” said Jacinto Roca, founder and CEO,
“For us, quality if vitally important. We started with a clear objective to bring quality content to all households in an easy and affordable way. We really want to be a game changer for this industry, and try to reinvent the rules to better accommodate what customers really want from an on-line video service.” was launched in Spain and later acquired by Japanese Rakuten. The company plans to launch in several new European countries by 2015.