Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 27-09-2013
Pay-TV penetration is growing unstoppably in Latin America, says the advertising council LAMAC in its latest report, but the advertising sector isn't keeping pace and is still putting most of its financial efforts in free-to-air TV.
Over half of Latin Americans have access to at least one pay-TV platform, which represents a massive growth over the past years. While in 2008, 36.3% of the region's inhabitants could receive pay-TV, now 56.3% can. On average, Latin Americans consume more than three hours of pay-TV during the week and 3.5 at weekends. But, according to LAMAC, only 10% of advertising investment targets the pay-TV audience.
The specific data by country shows the same picture. In Chile nearly 70% of the population has access to a pay-TV platform, standing at almost 100% within some economic segments. In addition, pay-TV's share is 58.3% during weekends, when the Chileans consume 3.5 hours of pay-TV.
Colombia and Argentina have over 80% penetration and the pay-TV platforms capture nearly 50% of the audience. Venezuela's pay-TV share is 60% and during the weekends over four hours of cable TV are watched.
And, according to LAMAC, in all these countries, although there are some differences, over 85% of advertising campaigns target free-to-air channels. The specifics of the audience segments and the huge effort needed to reach a large portion of viewers may be behind this behaviour.