September 27, 2013 11.45 Europe/London By Robert Briel

Starting September 30, Deutsche Welle (Latinoamérica) will broadcast 24 hours of Spanish in n Latin America and DW (Asien) 24 hours of German programming in Asia.
The changes to these lineups will ensure that audiences in Asia and Latin America will be able to enjoy more DW programming in Spanish and German. Up until now, DW (Latinoamérica) broadcast 20 hours in Spanish, and DW (Asien) 20 hours of German.
“We are further streamlining our lineups to reflect the growing importance of our target audiences in Asia and Latin America,” said DW’s Director of Global Content Christoph Lanz, in a statement.
The new 24-hour German service in Asia is part of a dual channel strategy for the region. The flagship channel DW is currently available around the clock in English as well. In addition, DW’s English channel is available in North America, Africa and Australia.
Viewers in Europe can still tune in to DW (Europe), which broadcasts 18 hours in English and six hours in German. DW (Arabia) offers viewers in the Middle East ten hours in Arabic and 14 hours in English. DW (Amerika) is broadcast throughout the entire content with 20 hours in German and four hours in English.