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Thread: Media Portal and MDAPI

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    Media Portal and MDAPI

    How to use MediaPortal with MDAPI filter.

    Update 29/12/2006

    MediaPortal Support

    You can activate the MDAPI filter usage for the card you want by check the box in MP configuration / Television / Capture Cards (unchecked by default)

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    Re: Media Portal and MDAPI

    i don't find the check....

    what's it's name?

    Thank you

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    Re: Media Portal and MDAPI


    is it possible to use this plugins in Mediaportal TVServer ?


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    Re: Media Portal and MDAPI

    it's only for TV02 not the last TVserver 3.0

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    Re: Media Portal and MDAPI


    1) Do a clean install of MediaPortal V0.2.3.0 final

    2) Get the package MP4MDAPI_Filter_onV0.2.3.0_TVE2.rar

    3) Extract the content of "bin to put in your MP folder" in your MP folder (included the empty MDPlugins folder)

    4) Find ffdecsa.dll on internet and put it in you MP folder ()

    5) Before register the MDAPI filter install the Microsoft Visual c++ 2005 Package to prevent registration problem.

    6) Register the MDAPI filter -> regsvr32 <path_to_mdapifilter>\
    if you have space in your path name use quotes like that: regsvr32 "<path_to_mdapifilter>\"

    7) Put your mdplugin(s) in the MP\MDPlugins folder

    Now when you start MP / TV a new MDAPI icon appear in your tray (and maybe an other one if you use vplug). By right click on on it you have access of your mdplugin(s) menu(s) (Log Window is for debug purpose)


    Warning !
    The current version of mdapifilter don’t handle very well more than 1 stream in same time (even 2 fta channels )
    It's why It's better when you have 1 dvb-s and 1 dvb-t, to disable the dvb-t card usually with fta channels and keep mdapi for the dvb-s card.

    Maybe solved by the heerfordt version (you have to try it)

    Enable or disable mdapi support for a specific DVB card
    You will find a MDAPICards.xml file in your MDPLUGINS folder
    It will be populated by your cards id the 1st time you select a channel on it.
    You could edit it and change the value from EnableMdapi=yes to EnableMdapi=no to disable the mdapi support for a specific card.

    Enable or disable mdapi support
    mdapi is activate only if the folder MDPLUGINS exist. If you rename it MP will work in standard mode.

    Set an ECM value for a channel
    In the package you the will find the MDAPIProvID.xml file. It must be put in the MDPLUGINS folder.
    It looks like:
    Code:<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <provider ID="33024" />
    <provider ID="33032" />
    <channel tp_id="12001" sid="1604" pmt_pid="400" ecm_pid="464" />
    <channel tp_id="12000" sid="1606" pmt_pid="900" ecm_pid="469" />

    • The providers part
      For european Sat with several providers for each channel and when you use cardsharing it would be a very comfortable feature.
      When you set this value MP send automaticaly the good ECM/CAID value to the mdplugin
      Be carefull MP doesnt truncate the ProviderID value like ProgDVB
      in my example the decimal values corresponding to 0x8100 and 0x8108.
      You will see the good value for a channel in mediaportal.log

      The channel part
      Add a line for each channel you want to set an ECM value.
      The example is clear enough to not detailled each value.

      Important: All values in this file are in decimal (not Hexadecimal)

    To help you to find what's append and find the good values, look at the mediaportal.log file.

    new log info example:
    Code:2007-08-03 23:39:45.468750 [Info.][6]: ecm len:11 9 F 5 0 FA 76 10 1 1 13 1 20 14 3 2 26 10
    2007-08-03 23:39:45.468750 [Info.][6]: ecm len:31 9 2F 1 0 E6 EC 0 84 FF 40 20 0 20 20 10 0 4C 22 AF E6 EB 0 81 FF 0 0 4 0 0 0 8 2 22 AF E6 EA 0 80 FF 1 0 6 0 40 0 0 2 22 AF
    2007-08-03 23:39:45.468750 [Info.][6]: #0 CA:0x500 ECM:6774(0x1A76) EMM:0x0 provider:140816(0x22610)
    2007-08-03 23:39:45.468750 [Info.][6]: #1 CA:0x0 ECM:0(0x0) EMM:0x0 provider:0(0x0)
    2007-08-03 23:39:45.468750 [Info.][6]: #2 CA:0x100 ECM:59116(0xE6EC) EMM:0x0 provider:132(0x84)
    2007-08-03 23:39:45.468750 [Info.][6]: #3 CA:0x100 ECM:59115(0xE6EB) EMM:0x0 provider:129(0x81)
    2007-08-03 23:39:45.468750 [Info.][6]: #4 CA:0x100 ECM:59114(0xE6EA) EMM:0x0 provider:128(0x80)
    2007-08-03 23:39:45.468750 [Info.][6]: Send channel change to MDAPI filter Ca_Id:0x0 CA_Nr:0x5 ECM_PID:6593(0x19C1)

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