Spanish starting to cut the cord but not sheltering behind OTT

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 29-09-2013

Pay-TV is clearly falling in Spain and has lost more than 500,000 subscriptions during the past year, according to a report by CMT, the telecom market commission. But over-the-top (OTT) operators are not profiting as a result.

Although not all the OTT and online services are counted in the report - they still appear under the section “others” and the CMT has not developed a specific counting method for them - the figures show clearly that the Spanish audience is still not betting on the new pay-TV formats.

From some 4 million customers in 2008, Spain's pay-TV sector has lost clients in cable, IPTV and satellite and currently accounts for just 3.7 million people. Canal+ is still on top with 1.6 million customers (nearly 100,000 left the platform since last year). ONO with 830,000 and Movistar TV with 630,000 are second and third.

The report doesn't show a picture of VOD or multiscreen services, which, according to some companies' statements, have been experiencing growth lately.

Pay-TV has also seen a fall in revenue, although it has invoiced around €400 million in Q2, accumulating more than €800 million in the first half of the year. The mobile TV business, which was non-existent a few years ago, has grown to reach €7 million in revenue in Q1 and Q2.