Orange launches VOD, HD, multiscreen pay-TV in Spain

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 29-09-2013

After several months of rumours lacking in detail, Orange has officially presented its renovated pay-TV service for Spain through which it intends to reach 100,000 customers by the end of the year.

Orange TV will be a HD, multiscreen and VOD platform ready to compete in a still small market but with great growth expectations.

The IPTV platform will have 25 channels plus the regular DTT offer integrated in the same service. Fox, AXN, Calle 13, TNT, Paramount Comedy or Fox Crime, among others, will be available. In addition, all channels that broadcast in HD in Spain will be available in high quality for connections more than 8Mb.

Orange TV will have a catch-up service with content available up to 15 days after the original broadcasting and a VOD platform with some 600 titles. An extra service with Disney content on-demand will be available for a higher price.

The platform is designed for ADSL and current Orange TV customers, but can also be used by 3G and 4G customers. An Android and iOS app will bring the service to the multi-platform environment.

The former Orange pay-TV platform never achieved success in Spain, where pay-TV is not popular. But the recent successes of online, VOD and OTT operators have make the French telco bet again on TV.