NetCologne and NetAachen take TV to second screen

Jörn Krieger | 30-09-2013

German cable operators NetCologne and NetAachen will offer their customers the chance to watch live TV channels on their PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone free of charge from 1 October.

The live streams will be distributed through a household's local Wi-Fi network. Via an app for smartphones and tablets or a Web browser on PCs and laptops, customers can receive around 40 TV channels in real time. The line-up comprises both public and commercial channels, many of which are provided in HD quality.

Web'n'App TV will be available to new subscribers of the tariff Doppel-Flat Premium 100.000 kbit/s without additional fee. Existing customers can obtain the service when upgrading to the tariff or signing a new two-year contract for it.

NetCologne and NetAachen want to add the new TV service to further packages in future.