Dear All

i have skybox F3 new and I have paid for newcamd server and I have the N line , my problem is when I have but the newcamd server in the receiver it will give offline , when I will test the server its working ok , and when I connect the newcamd server with serial cable to other receiver with SSSP it will work very good .
and I have talk to the person with the server he say its ok working and we have run ping command and its replaying ok also .
and when I test free newcamd server from the net with the skybox F3 its working ok and its online
my question is do you think that the server is not active thatís why itís not working with skybox F3 or there is some problem I donít now ?
is there is way from the server person to deactivate the line to be working and its not working ?
do we have to do any setting in the router ?
please help me