CABLEready announces international sales

Michelle Clancy | 01-10-2013

CABLEready, the international programme distribution and development company, has announced sales in territories worldwide as it gears up for the MIPCOM market.

"It's business as usual for us — continued global excitement over our long-running, successful series and specials,” said president and CEO Gary Lico.

The global sales include more than 300 hours of programming. RTL (Germany) licensed the entire iconic crime and investigation series Medical Detectives/Forensic Files, continuing a nearly two-decade run on RTL and co-owned VOX. NBCUniversal Poland licensed 100 episodes of the show, while NBC Universal (Benelux) licensed 38 episodes.

The Hispanic-focused EL Rey Channel (US) has licensed urban legend series Mostly True Stories. And, MNet (South Africa) licensed 50 episodes of the long-running entertainment programme Hollywood One on One.

The following episodes of Inside the Actor’s Studio were licensed to airlines including: Brad Pitt and Colin Firth to All Nippon Airways; James Gandolfini to Quatar Airways and Singapore Air; Tina Fey to Oman Air; and Hugh Jackman to Thai Airways.