French Audiovisual law studied in Senate

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly | 01-10-2013

The French Senate will examine today and tomorrow (1-2 October) a new audiovisual law looking to bring independence and give the TV regulator CSA the power to appoint the bosses of PSB groups.

Voted in the French Assembly on 24 July, the new text establishes that the CEO of France Télévisions, Radio France and France Médias Monde (France 24, RFI , Monte Carlo Doualiya) will no longer be appointed for five years by the French President, but instead by the TV regulator.

The upcoming law also introduces the possibility for CSA to select one pay-TV channel and pass it on to free DTT. This measure could benefit either TF1’s news channel LCI, or M6’s cultural network Paris Première, and both groups are lobbying to be chosen.

TF1 Group is stating that the channel will definitely close unless it is passed to free DTT. Competitors Canal+ and NextRadioTV, which operate the free DTT news channels i>Télé and BFM TV, are firmly opposed to this project, arguing that it would weaken the market.

The new law will also confirm that daytime advertising will continue on France Télévisions after 2015, contrary to what had previously been expected.