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Thread: FTP to DM7020 almost impossible!

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    FTP to DM7020 almost impossible!

    Hi Guys,

    I have a dm7020 with FTP problems when gemimi 3.3 or flubber/garnet is installed! (it works well with the official image).
    in all instances i'm using flash and NO USB stick.
    actual message is 'FTP component not ready' when using DCC2.9 and nothing further happens.
    when using an ftp client it takes ages to download the directory structure or the selected file.

    i have read on forums that it could be a firewall problem!
    I have tried with the firewall out or not even installed it does not react any better.
    another dm7020 on the same subnet does not have the same problems.

    could the dm7020 be broken?
    could it be a virus? (although I normally have symantec installed)
    or something else?

    its driving me mad, please help if you can.

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    Re: FTP to DM7020 almost impossible!

    hi m8 had same prob as you but if you use dcc 2.3 for some reason that works i had the same setting on the 2.8 and the 2.9 version but kept having connection probs untill i droped down to 2.3 version hope it helps you

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