Turner launches Cartoon Network for Angola, Mozambique

Rebecca Hawkes | 01-10-2013

African pay-TV provider Multichoice is to broadcast Turner's Cartoon Network in Portuguese across Angola and Mozambique via its DStv platform from 1 October 2013.

"The new channel will be home of some of Cartoon Network's flagship series, such as Adventure Time, Ben 10, Omniverse and The Amazing World of Gumball," said Domingo Corral, Turner's SVP in Spain and Portuguese regions.

"We're confident that the adaptation to Portuguese makes our content accessible for a wider audience keen to engage with our breakout shows; in so doing we will be able to build upon and increase the success of our ratings."

Turner is increasingly making its content more relevant to the different territories in which it broadcasts, and this move follows in the footsteps of Cartoon Network Arabic for the Middle East and North Africa, and Cartoon Network LatinoAmerica. As well as Africa, the Middle East and Latin America, Turner now has country and region-specific networks and businesses in Europe and the Asia-Pacific.