New TV association for LATAM

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 03-10-2013

A new TV association has been born in Colombia around the university channel Canal Zoom to produce audiovisual content for the whole Latin American region. In addition to Canal Zoom, four production companies will participate in creating, marketing distributing TV programmes centred on cultural dissemination.

Grupo Bassa, Programar Televisión, AITV and Main Event Producciones will work together with the university channel under the cluster model. Media and technology professionals from different fields will collaborate on bringing science, education and cultural content to Colombia and Latin America.
"We are already part of the Ibero-American educational TV association in which over 160 institutions collaborate on 11 channels of science, technology, culture and researching," said Germán Alfonso Pérez, manager of Zoom. According to him, the Colombian initiative was inspired by this regional association.
Some Colombian media institutions and associations, such as Revista Semana, El Espectador and Bogota's journalist council, are also supporting the project. Similar support has come from other countries, especially in Central America: cable operators from Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Dominican Republic are getting involved in the project and will broadcast the produced content.