blinkbox beefs up viewer diagnostics for better customer care

Parent Category: 03-10-2013

Every little is said to help its parent company, but UK online video service blinkbox has invested in more than a little analytics technology to extend its fulfilment of customers' needs.

The Tesco-backed service is to use Akamai's Viewer Diagnostics as part of its customer care efforts, a component of which is the CDN giant's Sola Analytics media measurement and analysis product. The Viewer Diagnostics solution is designed to provide blinkbox with immediate access to individual account-level quality of service and experience information to help deliver efficient online support of each customer aiming to give them the option to rent titles or watch within 30 days or purchase them outright. Content can be viewed across devices including connected TVs, gaming consoles, Android and iOS tablets, Blu-ray players, PCs and select set-top boxes.
"Today's consumers are not only accustomed to watching high quality video wherever and whenever they want, but also expect a commensurate level of service and support when taking advantage of streaming services," said Jon Robinson, group head of IT, blinkbox. "Akamai's Sola Analytics solution is giving our IT, ops and support teams easy access to a wealth of critical information that can be used to quickly identify streaming issues at an individual viewer level. The kind of insight Viewer Diagnostics affords is extremely valuable in keeping customers satisfied and ensuring they get the best out of the service."
The cloud-based Viewer Diagnostics offers real-time access to viewing experience information for each account without, says Akamai, revealing personally identifiable information. Data tracks back multiple billing cycles and includes activity summaries and records for behavioural and quality metrics such as errors, rebuffering and video quality metrics.
"With more and more consumers using online video as their key, if not primary means of enjoying their favourite movies and programmes, it's imperative to deliver a great all-around experience," said Kurt Michel, director of product marketing for Akamai's media solutions. "blinkbox's use of Viewer Diagnostics shows how a service provider can combine a compelling library and high quality content delivery with an effective support function that facilitates quick resolutions to customer issues."