Over 70% of Uruguayans are connected to the Internet

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 04-10-2013

Uruguay has reached the figure of two million Internet users, representing 71% of the population. The figures were presented by Carolina Cosse, president of Antel, who quoted a Radar consulting report.

The research, which aimed to describe the profile of the average net user in Uruguay, places the country among those with the highest Internet penetration rate in Latin America, coming above Argentina (68%) and Chile (58%). These countries have a much larger user community than Uruguay Argentina has around 30 million connections which has a smaller population.
The figures are even higher than in some European countries which used to have a slightly higher Internet penetration than Latin America. The numbers are driven by a massive growth of 17% over the last year. The largest increase was experienced among the population with a low income, those living in Uruguay's interior and those over 65 (more than 50% growth).
According to Cosse, the causes for such a growth are the increasing popularity of smartphones, the drop in mobile Internet prices, people's interest in social networks and the extension of network connections, such as the FTTH which is being installed by Antel.