Mercader moves from ONO to Yomvi

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 04-10-2013

Guillermo Mercader has been appointed as manager of the online video-on-demand (VOD) platform Yomvi. Having left cable operator ONO at the beginning of July, Canal+ has announced he will lead the future of the company's online strategy.

Mercader will be responsible for Yomvi's strategy, future development and management. In addition, he will coordinate all Canal+'s moves in the digital environment.
Mercader's experience at ONO was also related to online TV. During his over two years as director for television, sales, marketing and local strategies, ONO strengthened its position among mobile operators and the online TV platform TiVo was successfully launched. Mercader was previously CEO at and general manager at Orange.
Through the appointment, Canal+ is focusing on its online TV platform, which is the only one among all Canal+'s services which is currently growing.
Although VOD and OTT platforms haven't really taken off in Spain yet, the fall in regular pay-TV customers and the improvement of fixed and mobile networks are predicted to increase take-up of these services rapidly. Indeed, Canal+ is not the only company which sees hope in the online TV market, as many companies seem to be aware that online TV will probably be the most profitable field in Spain in the near future.