Hulu Plus app launches on Google Chromecast

Michelle Clancy | 04-10-2013

Hulu has launched the Hulu Plus app on Chromecast, which allows users to control Hulu Plus with a tap on the mobile device screen for programme guide and scrolling functionalities.

"Our teams in Santa Monica and Beijing, working closely with Google, have developed the Hulu Plus app for Chromecast to be a seamless experience that offers a new and exciting way to engage with the shows you love most," said Karan Nischol, senior product manager at Hulu.
The core of the Chromecast solution on Hulu Plus is a custom remote control that has all the basic functionality of play/pause, along with a 0.10 second rewind of the Hulu video player. Viewers also have the option to enable captions or go straight to their favourite TV moment from a mobile phone or tablet.
"Leslie Knope said about waffles, 'You can never have enough,'" added Nischol. "That's how we feel about TV, which is why the Chromecast experience is designed to let you browse the Hulu Plus app simultaneously while you are casting a video on your TV. This means you could be tweeting Jimmy Kimmel's twerk hoax or adding Doctor Who to your queue, all while watching Poehler Power right from the Hulu Plus app on Chromecast."