MIPCOM 2013: MUSO launches TV anti-piracy platform

Editor | 05-10-2013

After establishing itself in the film and music industries, online anti-piracy solutions provider MUSO is turning its attention to the TV industry.

Taking advantage of MIPCOM 2013, MUSO believes that its new platform will see use with entertainment content and live sport providers protecting and monetising their content online. The solution will offer a package of search, takedown and optimisation on search engines like Google, providing rights holders with both a self-managed and fully managed service. An online dashboard gives a transparent view of the entire online market, allowing users the ability to automatically search and remove infringing ‘pirated’ content across billions of illegal pages. The dashboard displays up-to-the-minute activity on all infringing content removed and the targeted sources of potential online piracy.

MUSO already represents rights holders around the world in different media sectors, from independent music companies, filmmakers and distributors to global media corporations, as well as software and publishing. Complementing the core anti-piracy service is a high-performance live event platform which allows real-time optimisation and takedown during live broadcast and which has already been employed by companies such as Showtime and Primetime.

"Making the MUSO platform available to TV networks and other content creators will allow them to access our market-leading full solution service, helping to drive and monetise content online in the most efficient way available, at the most cost-effective price available on the market," explained MUSO’s Christopher Elkins (head of film services).