RTP to lead consortium to develop Portugal's TV industry

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 06-10-2013

Portugal's public TV station RTP will lead a consortium of national media companies to modernise the country's TV industry.

Alberto da Ponte, president of RTP, announced the agreement with other nine groups. The consortium is called PIMS (Portuguese Innovative Media Solutions) and includes Cycloid, MOG, WTVision, GISP, Priberam, InnoWave, WayNext, Voice Interaction and Streambolico. All the member companies are working abroad, mostly in Europe (UK, Denmark and Italy) but also in the Americas (Canada, US and Brazil). They have experience in the areas of cloud environment, content sourcing, wireless video, digital marketing, second screen, animation, big data, multimedia production and voice recognition, among others.
The group aims to develop new systems for the broadcasting industry and to modernise Portugal's public service television.