Content distributor Lightning International has released 26 titles for distribution both worldwide, and in the Asia Pacific region.

Lightning's catalogue already includes sports entertainment content (TRACE Urban, TRACE Sport Stars), documentaries (Shanghai Media Group, RTHK, and Bloomberg), and reality and entertainment content (Imagine Group, The Group Entertainment). The new titles are available for immediate distribution both worldwide and in Asia Pacific and include:

Essence Of India (6 x 30')
Samira Nanda crosses Delhi in search of some of India's most exclusive culinary secrets.

Galileo X (150 x 30')
A documentary shot entirely in HD that focuses on the cutting edge of medicine, engineering, technology and science.

Music For Elephants (1 x 60')
A documentary about a British concert pianist, who plays music to blind, injured and orphaned Thai elephants at a sanctuary on the River Kwai.

K-Pop Star Hunt (Series 2: 12 x 60')
A reality show that is tracking the next K-Pop superstar. The winner receives Korean-style training, a guaranteed contract and album.

Kimchi Fan Club (13 x 30')
A show for K-Pop fans, with the latest news and gossip on the biggest K-Pop acts.

Japan's Next Beauty (10 x 60')
A competition that combines the beauty and grace of a fashion model, the agility of an athlete and the talent of Japan's finest entertainers.

Hip-Hoppin' Asia (10 x 30')
A journey in search of the hottest hip hop and travel experiences that Asia has to offer.

Kirei Yoga (20 x 25')
Explore the world of Yoga with renowned instructor Waka Yogi.

The Sinking World (5 x 60')
This documentary series looks at places on earth that are seriously affected by global warming and the subsequent rise in sea levels.

China Challenges (5 x 60')
Produced by the Shanghai Media Group for PBS, this series explores some of the most pressing problems faced in China.

Military Japan (100 x 60')
A series of programmes featuring HD footage of tanks, fighter planes, and battleships.

Aunty Moves In (12 x 30', 1 x 60')
An look at how two "practical Aunties", Amiria Reriti and Ata Te Kanawa, help restore some order in the chaos that is the modern family.

The Workers (Series 2: 50 x 30')
A children's TV show with original songs, activities and games and characters, aimed at pre-schoolers.

The Apartment (Series 3: 9 x 60' + 1 x 90')
Nine teams compete to design from scratch, identical apartments within a tight budget.

Go Greek With Patricia (8 x 30')
Travel and cooking come together in places like Poros, Corfu, Athens and Thessaloniki.

Shackleton: Death Or Glory
The tale behind Sir Ernest Shackleton's voyage when he led 27 men into a frozen hell, and incredibly brought them all back alive.

Zoo Vet At Large (43 x 30')
Vet Matt Brash tends to a broken legged polar bear, plays midwife to a camel, consults for the owls in the Harry Potter movies and performs surgery on an ill-tempered lion.

California Forever (2 x 60')
The story of California's Yosemite state park from 1864 to the present day.

Game Changers (16 x 30')
Produced by Bloomberg, Game Changers profiles personalities who have redefined technology, finance, politics and entire cultures.

The Boston (13 x 60')
A new adaptation of The Kitchen Musical with an international cast. Drama, hit songs, and recipes.

Voyager (5 x 30')
The good ship Voyager travels to the most vibrant cities across Asia to take the pulse of business and commerce in the region.

Saladin (26 x 30')
Saladin is the ultimate hero - courageous in the face of danger, never willing to admit defeat and funny when he needs to be. In a world of danger, there's only one man you'll want in your corner!

Bommi & Friends (13 x 30')
Aimed at pre-schoolers, Bommi is a little girl who moves with her family to a new town. Lonely, she takes comfort in her favourite pop-up book, only to be transported to a wondrous world full of adventure and excitement.

The Wish Fish (1 x 90')
In a desperate attempt to stop Opil's obsession with junk food, his mother serves him up a very special dish: the wish fish.

James Ross, CEO of Lightning International, said: "We firmly believe that quality content plays a vital role in any market strategy. Knowledge on what works well in which market is a great differentiating advantage to have. We then add our experience and understanding of the Asia Pacific markets to help producers and channels build their businesses. The company does this by focusing on creating long-term partnerships with content creators and broadcasters".